Create your own Myswear shoes on Farfetch


Hey Sweeties, maybe you still remember one of my first snaps from L.A. when I was wide awake the first night, because my jet lag kicked in hardcore? That night I designed my first own pair of MYSWEAR shoes on Farfetch. I was so excited for the shoes, because you can literally chose everything from the design of the shoe, the materials, the color, even the color or the shoe laces. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to send my shoes to the U.S. because I chose snake leather and some of the materials aren’t allowed to enter the U.S. However, it’s one of my last nights in Los Angeles now (its so crazy, how fast time flew by!) and I’m back home in Germany soon. So here I am, another late night work session (its 2:17 am right now and I need to get up at 5 am, yay!) designing my very own pair of sneakers again 🙂 I cannot wait to actually hold them in my hands and have them on my feet soon 🙂

The concept of MYSWEAR is truly genius, you chose the type of shoe you would like to design (sneakers, vans, classic leather shoes) and then there’s a step-by-step design tool that shows you in real-time how your show will look like. You can chose between several different materials, colors and designs which is so much fun! As you can see down below, I wasn’t sure if I wanted grey details or fuchsia or all black, but I hope you guys can help me out! Let me know which shoe design you like the best 🙂 It’s funny, but I became such a sneaker / flat shoes person! I love wearing flat shoes so much more now than high heels and I chose the model ‘dean’ because its a flat shoe, almost a sneaker with the rubber sole, but still classy and chique with the pointed toe and black leather. What do you think about the silver tip? Do you like it better with or without?




Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-18 um 10.35.15

I’m not sure abut the sole yet – which version do you prefer?



Which one do you like bette? The one with red or grey?



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