L.A. Column – A normal day in Los Angeles (Celebrity Spotting)


I thought, I’d start a new category here on my blog: a L.A. column. The ‘Sunday Thoghts’ that I sometimes publish are usually more popular than my outfit posts and articles about fashion, so I figured you’d probably be more interested in my personal life here. Also, there are simply too many crazy, funny and interesting things happening in Los Angeles every day, that I simply have to share with you guys 🙂

For my first L.A. column I thought, I’d start with a normal day in L.A., that – obviosuly – isn’t so normal for most of us. I’m a small-town girl, I come from a super small village outside of Hamburg in Germany. I grew up with horses, cows, four brothers and big dreams of a fancy life – just like Lauren Conrad in The Hills – some day. Although, I’ve been to some of the most exclusive, craziest and fanciest events thanks to my job as a full-time-blogger, but I’m still not used to seeing famous actors, models and people from my instagram timeline in real life – every day! But this actually is normal in L.A.! The longer you live in this city and the more you do here, you’ll see celebrities and famous people everywhere – and the funniest thing is: no one gives a f**k!

8.30 am (Wednesday)

I got up in the morning to go to our gym (its in our house complex, very convenient) and trained some HIIT sessions with my L.A. Hip Hop list from Spotify (you always ask me, what music I’m listening to so here you go). One thing I love about Los Angeles the most is, you never know what the day will bring! Usually, there’s always something happening 🙂 In Germany, on the other hand, nothing interesting ever happens.

11 am

Xenia and I visit one of the biggest PR agency in West Hollywood to pick up some giftings (clothing and accessories brands provide for celebrities, bloggers and their stylists). We get to pick a ton of beautiful stuff, amazing clothing pieces and jewelery. And while we browse through the racks of clothing, a petite beautiful asian women walks in. I’m extremely good with faces (bad with names though) and recognize her as the actress Jamie Chung. Five minutes later one of the PR ladies makes a phone call and I hear how she says: “No, I just talked to her stylist, Jennifer Lawrence is not excepting anymore giftings!”


12.30 pm

After our successful meeting at the PR agency we go to one of the ‘celebrity hot spots’ in West Hollywood: Urth Caffe. Although, the cafe has been around since 2002, it’s still one of the spots to see and be seen in Beverly Hills / West Hollywood. The food is organic and theres a few vegan options on the menu which are still posh enough for the hip L.A. crowd. After Xenia and I have ordered we just sit and talk until we notice a pretty good looking guy that looks a little familiar (just a model, we later find him on instagram) and since L.A. is one of the ‘smallest cities’ I know (when it comes to people) he meets up with a girl that we know from going out to the clubs. It’s funny, because Los Angeles is a huge city in size and inhabitants, but if you hang out with a certain crowd or go to certain places here, you’ll always see the same people. A few minutes later I see a huge guy walking down the street and Xenia recognizes him to be Brock O’Hurn. I don’t follow him on instagram, but I’ve seen him before and one of my friends here in L.A. who is a camera man, just recently filmed something for him. Typical L.A.

14 pm

After our short lunch break at Urth Caffé, X and I went to our new favorite café / ‘office’ called Verve. It’s at the edge of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills and very close to Urth Caffé. We usually work there for about 2-4 h and answer all our emails, write blog posts, edit pictures, videos and plan our next days in L.A. After our little ‘office session’ we went to Sixt, an amazing (German) car rental company in Beverly Hills, to pick up our car for the next weeks – a BMW X3 that I would love to keep forever 🙂

6.30 Uhr

With our car, we directly drove to The Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills (in a beautiful area, I’ve never been before). I always thought, I knew pretty much every street and area in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, but turns out there’s still some parts I’ve never even driven through. I always get super excited when that happens, because I simply LOVE to explore new things. My ex boyfriend works at The City Church, a very open minded and modern church that takes place every Wednesday in Los Angeles, and invited us to join one of their ceremonies. One of my followers had told me about it as well (because Justin Bieber, The Kardashians and some other famous people are known to go there frequently), so Xenia and I were really curious to go. Although we are German, for some reason, Xenia and I are always late. When we walked into church we were too late, so most people were already seated and it was so crowded and no more open seats left. But, on the other hand, both of our life mottos are: Somehow it always works out 😉 And you know me, I always say: “Everything happens for a reason”, and so it did!

While waiting to be seated, I first noticed the ‘boyband’ playing on stage to be Tyler Ward (I found him years ago on youtube and have been listening to his music ever since), and then I saw a petite and beautiful women entering the room. My heart literally dropped and I was so excited and confused at the same time, because this tiny stylish lady turned out to be Kourtney Kardashian. Now, most of you might not be a big fan of the Kardashians and Jenners, but if you’ve been following me for a while, you might have noticed that I admire their family business and love Khloé and Kylie. Since we didn’t have a seat yet, we actually ended up sitting only two rows behind Kourtney (who no one except me seemed to care about). I know, it seems very superficial and childish for some of you, that I still get super excited to see some celebrities, but I’m a small town girl from Germany and it has always been my dream to live in L.A. and suddenly this whole thing got real and I’m going to church and living my daily life among all these people, that I used to follow on instagram, TV, and the movies. It’s just a little surreal, but it gets more normal and less exciting each day. Short side note: Xenia and I noticed, that both of us get super easily excited. About anything. I used to think this is normal and everyone is like that about certain things, but I just recently noticed that a lot of adults don’t get excited about anything (anymore). And that my friends, is very sad! Either way, I happen to get excited about ‘stupid’ things, like seeing celebrities and realizing that they’re all just ‘normal people’.

The ceremony, by the way, was one of the most surprising, inspiring and motivating things that I’ve experienced in the past. The pastor Judah Smith is such an amazing personality. He should have his own comedy show, because I’ve never laughed more within 1,5 h. He made church so much fun and him talking about Jesus and friendship and god in our everyday-life really put things into perspective. Although, I was raised protestant and went to church frequently when I was younger, I stopped a couple of years ago. If I had a church and pastor like this in Germany, I would have gone every week – or even every day! Judah translates psalms and passages from the bible into modern language; he talked about ‘haters gonna hate’ and how John was talking about this in his letters. For the first time ever, everything suddenly made sense. You know, just like when you solve a math problem or finally understand something, It was truly inspiring and I love his idea of love and giving to others. Usually, I’m the biggest follower of ‘The Secret’ and I’ve praised this book and the law of attraction for a while now. However, comparing the bible and how my parents raised me it’s all pretty much the same and comes down to gratitude and loving one another (selflessly and unconditionally).

9 pm

Xenia and I have to hurry (again!) and have to be at the restaurant Maia in WeHo within half an hour (including driving back home and getting changed) to meet up with some friends there.

11 pm

We all go to Warwick (the only good club open on a Wednesday) in Hollywood and notice a fun guy group next to our table. We later recognize him as one of the most hilarious guys out there: #1 Vine star Kingbach. Last week, we saw Brody Jenner and Entourage actor Kevin Conolly at Warwick. It’s a chill lounge / club for the L.A. crowd.

1: 50 am

The club closes and we drive to one of the After Parties in the Hills. Slowly, I’m not really impressed by those houses anymore. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still admire all these people that have worked hard and are able to live in such beautiful houses, but in L.A. there’s always someone with a bigger house, a nicer car and more money or beauty. It’s a crazy little bubble, but at the end of the day: We’re all just people. We have the same problems and the same desires.

A normal day in L.A.

PS: Within the last 48 h we’ve hung out with G-Eazy (my new favorite artist!), Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla Signs and Harry Style, but that’s another story (and I’m no story teller). 😉

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