Greenwich Village – Perry Street 66


Hey Sweeties, since Xenia and I are in The States, we haven’t had one single day where we just chilled and stayed at home (except for the two days, where we got food poisened and didn’t move at all). I’m constantly on the go, scouting new locations, trying new restaurants in every city I go to (for my new travel blog that launches soon). I hope you’ll enjoy all my restaurant tips soon, but for now I’m a little behind with posting my outfit pictures because of that 😉 However, it’s winter in Europe now, so I’m sure most of you will actually enjoy some colder outfit ideas like this one from New York City. In case you understand German and you want to know what X and I did in NYC (clubbing with Justin Bieber, lunch-date with my Vegas boy, shopping, restaurant tips etc.) you should watch my new Luisas Life Video and subscribe to my Youtube Channel.

These pictures were taken during one of our last days in New York, when X and I had to wait for our table at Bluestone Lane Café, a cafe some friend recommended to visit (it’s actually really good!). We were strolling through the neighborhood in Greenwich Village and found the famous Perry Street 66 by accident! To be honest, I didn’t even know, that they shot SATC here until one of my followers on instagram told me 🙂 I never really watched the show, but I just thought ‘wow, this looks like the perfect typical NYC door’ 🙂

A lot of you guys have been asking me about these grey overknee boots I’ve been wearing a lot in New York. They are from Forever 21 and super comfortable (and so much cheaper than the similar looking ones from Stuart Weitzman). The fake leather jacket and beanie are also from Forever 21 (if you’ve been following me on snapchat – luisaslions – you know, how often I’ve been to F21 lately) 😉 Let me know, if you want to know more about what we did in NYC and I’ll tell you some funny stories 😉











Outfit Details:

fake leather jacket: Forever 21 (new)

cashmere sweater: Saks Fifth Avenue (new)

fake leather pants: Review, similar here

Overknee boots: Forever 21 (new)

beanie: Forever 21 (new)

bag: Valentino (my absolute favorite!)

sun glasses: Diane von Fuerstenberg

cross ring: ANNA IJ

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