Surfboards in Malibu


The Paradise Cove is one of my favorite places in Malibu and these surfboards couldn’t be a better hint towards my next vacation. I haven’t even been back from Los Angeles for two weeks, but I’m already over the super cold weather in Hamburg 😉 That’s why I thought a little warmer sunny posts from the sunny West Coast might lighten up your cold winter day as well 😉

Sometimes gets a little crazy and you have to make important decisions in a very short amount of time. I was in Vienna two days ago and my dear friend Julia told me about her upcoming trip and how she’s so afraid of flying and sad that I won’t come join them (I was supposed to go on that trip as well but cancelled due to my app project a couple of months ago). While we’re talking she stops for a second, looks me in the eyes and asks me: “Don’t you still wanna come?”


My head is full of thoughts. I’d love to come! But I can’t, I was supposed to work on the app but we put that on a pause, I’m supposed to go to Berlin Fashion Week with one of my best friends and we also wanted to travel somewhere together and to Marroco, but then again, I’ll never get this chance again: to travel to this country on such a well organised trip, with everything already set up. I’m torn, but I like the idea of going to this country, I’ve never been before that has been on my bucket list for a while now. Also, we’re talking next week! The flight would be five days (!!) from now and it’s the opposite of a short one..

F**k, YOLO! Why not!?

On the other hand, I’m worried, because I promised one of my best friends to go together to Berlin Fashion Week and Marrakesch. I have to tell her. Obviously she is not happy and very disappointed which I totally understand, because she can’t rely on me and my crazy lifestlye and spontaneous decisions 🙁 Sometimes I don’t notice, how I’m hurting people with my actions and don’t really think about the consequences but just live in the moment 🙁 I’m so sorry how I handled things, but I can’t change it anymore and have to live with my decision now and make the best of it.

Because in the end, I seriously booked it – the flight to.. Australia! Yes, you heard right! I’m going to Australia (Melbourne, Brisbane, Hamilton Island, Sydney) and New Zealand (Queenstown). I only have four days left to plan everything, get new summer clothes (obviously left everything in L.A. because its winter in Germany) and pack.. Let’s see how that goes!

Do you have any good ideas and must-sees and dos for me in Australia? Please comment below!


Fashion_Blog_Style_Roulette_by_Luisa_Lion_Blue_Shirt_Celine_Sunglasses_Converse_Shoes  Celine_Sunglasses_Luisa_Lion_Fashion_Blog_Airplane_Tattoo_Stilnest_Globetrotter


Sunset_Malibu_Beach_Luisa_Lion_German_Fashion_Blogger_In_Los_Angeles_Style_Roulette  Malibu_Beach_Luisa_Lion_Blogger_Style_Roulette_Forever21_Converse_Celine_Sunglasses_Fashion Style_Roulette_Biggest_German_Fashion_Blog_Luisa_Lion_Malibu_Beach

Style_Roulette_German_Fashion_Lifestyle_Blog_Malibu_Beach_Luisa_Lion_Los_Angeles+Outfit Details:

blue shirt: Rails LA, similar one

grey t-shirt: Forever 21, similar Shirt

jeans shorts: Forever 21, similar pants

white chucks: Converse

LA necklace: Luísa Lión for Stilnest

Error necklace: Adornmonde

earrings: Adornmonde,similar earrings

Sonnenbrille: Céline, cheaper model

lip stick: NYX

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