Reload Your Senses – Mini Perfumes


I’ve waited for this invention forever! I’m a little freak when it comes to perfumes – you might even wanna say, I’m obsessed with scents 😉 When I moved from Munich to Hamburg I had to sell most of my perfumes and I still regret that! For Christmas, I got my brother and mom some very good perfumes and when I was waiting in line to pay, I saw these ‘reload mini perfumes’. How genius is this!? This way you can chose between your favorite scents, but you don’t have to bring the whole bottle or buy the big version right away.

A few days later I got a package from – guess who – reload 🙂 They send me this gift box to test their new perfume mini sprays and I love them already! My favorite scent so far is Mavie by Boss and Jeu D’Amore from Kenzo, but the other ones are really good too! Exactly my kind of sweet, warm, a little fruity scents 🙂 Another fun fact about reload is, that you can chose the design of your perfume disposer. I went for the simple white version, but they have a big selection of designs. Since I’m flying to Australia tomorrow, it’s the perfect timing, because I can’t bring much luggage and beauty essentials and will just bring my new mini perfumes from reload 🙂

PS: There’s a new XXL Los Angeles Shopping Haul on my English YouTube channel, feel free to have a look 😉








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