The Sky Is The Limit ♡ T-Shirt Collection with Visual Statements


Most of you have probably already heard about my new t-shirt collection with Visual Statements on my social media channels such as instagram (luisalion) or snapchat (luisaslions). It’s been over a year that I first talked to Visual Statements about a collaboration and some design ideas. But we all know: good things take time 😉 In between I designed another sweater capsule collection with the French online store Rad (have a look at it here). And now finally my own t-shirt collection with Visual Statements. For the start we only chose three different sayings and simple designs: ‘The Sky Is The Limit’ with my own airplane tattoo, ‘Running Is Cheaper Than Therapy’ for working out and last but not least my infamous quote ‘Everything Happens For A Reason’ 🙂 I decided to ‘roll up’ the sleeves of the t-shirts, because I think it gives the shirt a more casual vibe and better fit.

One of the greatest things about all these collections is, that I’ve wanted to be a ‘designer’ since I was a little kid! I remember ‘designing’ my own shirts and sketching different styles and design into my diary and on tons of paper. When I was around 12 or 13 I even came up with my own ‘designer name’ and thats how my name ‘Luísa Lión’ was born 🙂 One of my biggest dreams was always my own t-shirt collection and a jewellery collection. And guess what I accomplished more than 10 years later? Both! 🙂 It still feels surreal to wear my own sweaters, t-shirts and rings and necklaces but I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

I’m so glad you’ve liked everything so far as well! And I’m really excited what you’re gonna think about these t-shirts now, since a lot of you believe in ‘EHFAR’ as well 😉 Thank you so much for all your support and good vibes! In case you bought some of my things make sure to tag your pictures with my hashtags, so I can see, like and share your pictures 🙂 For Stilnest and my jewellery collection our hashtag is #stilnestXluisalion for Rad its #radXluisalion and for my t-shirts with Visual Statements  its #visualstatementsXluisalion – can’t wait for all your pictures and snaps!





pictures by: Nicford Photography

The Sky Is The Limit T-Shirt: Luísa Lión for Visual Statements

jeans: Black Orchid

sun glasses: Diane von Fuerstenberg

worldmap necklace: Luísa Lión for Stilnest

error necklace: Adornmonde

earrings: Adornmonde

hair style: Video Tutorial

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