Outfit: Stuttgart Park Princess

Outfit: Stuttgart Park Princess

Ladies, remember I told you about my little Blogger meeting in Stuttgart with Lamiya and the girls? I already showed you a little preview of my outfit that day and here is the rest of it 🙂 It’s actually the first time that I am wearing a pleated maxi skirt and I am not a hundred percent positive yet if I like it on me or not – tell me what you think! Do you think maxi skirts only fit tall women or everyone?
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Mädels, erinnert ihr euch noch an meinen vorletzten Post über mein kleines Bloggertreffen in Stuttgart mit Lamiya und den Mädels? Lamiya’s Outfit habe ich euch ja bereits präsentiert – hier kommt nun meine Wenigkeit 😉 Um ehrlich zu sein, war es das erste Mal, dass ich einen langen Maxi Rock getragen habe und ich bin mir noch nicht ganz sicher ob ich ihn an mir mag oder nicht – was sagt ihr? Findet ihr, dass Maxi Röcke nur großen Mädels stehen oder auch Kleinen?

Outfit: Stuttgart Park Princess
Outfit: Stuttgart Park Princess
Outfit: Stuttgart Park Princess
Outfit: Stuttgart Park Princess
Outfit: Stuttgart Park Princess
Outfit: Stuttgart Park Princess
Outfit: Stuttgart Park Princess
Outfit: Stuttgart Park Princess
Outfit: Stuttgart Park Princess
Outfit: Stuttgart Park Princess
Outfit: Stuttgart Park Princess

I was wearing:
jacket: H&M (see video)
top: H&M basic
skirt: Hallhuber (shopping haul)
bag: Target, FL
shoes: Primark (video)
jewellry: Primark and H&M
snake necklace: Alice


Outfit: Stuttgart Park Princess

  1. Oh my GOOOOOOOOSSSSHHHHH you’re such a perfect piece of art 😮
    I’m s p e e c h l e s s !
    you’re gorgeous, your fashion taste is amazing and you’re a great blogger! I’m following, of course I’m following, if I didn’t I’d be really dumb! I’m 14 and I’ve got a blog too 🙂

  2. Love the soft colors in that outfit and especially the motorcycle jacket! The tan color is really unusual but the styling adds a bit of rock and roll to what would otherwise be a rather conservative out fit. Love it!

    As for maxi skirts – I’m tall and I don’t have a one. It’s not because I don’t want one, it’s because THEYRE NEVER LONG ENOUGH. I’m afraid I’m going to have to make one myself if I want it to fall on the top of my foot and not above my ankle.


  3. Hola! un outfit muy dulce, una falda preciosa.

  4. All in your is perfect. Check my new fashion style!



  5. great blog … now following <3<3

  6. I think tall women look especially lovely in sweeping, maxi dresses.
    Adore the colour of the maxi you are wearing. Hope you enjoyed meeting up with your blogfriends;-)

  7. Danke für dein nettes Kommentar Luísa! Vielleicht magst du mir ja folgen 😉

    Die Sache mit dem Etsy-Shop spukt in meinem Kopf herum, aber zuerst muss ich mal mehr Schwung in die Bastelsache kriegen und die Zeit daür schaffen…

    Kathi xo

  8. giirl<3 I love everything about this! your hair, firstly! and omg! those shoees, crime!
    The Indie Chase Blog

  9. du bist wirklich wunderschön 🙂

  10. You look gorgeous! The place is amazing and relaxing! 🙂

  11. Very cute outfit! I love your jewelry and hairstyle! I checked out your blog and I really like it, I’m adding it to my favs!


  12. The skirt an the shoes are so lovely.



  13. You look stunning! Such an amazing skirt!

  14. I’m so glad I’ve found your blog,cause you look amazing!Definitely following you,babe!

  15. love this outfit! jacket looks great on you, and these heels are awesome!

    kisses 🙂

  16. Normalerweise mag ich Maxi-Röcke garnicht, aber so wie du ihn trägst, sieht er wirklich zauberhaft aus! 🙂


  17. Jacket is pretty much just my tastes.The jewelry is also perfect.A good combination!

  18. We have a very similar shoes, I love them 🙂

  19. Amazing accessories!!
    This look is so sweet and soft!

  20. Tolles Outfit, toller Rock!

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