Style-Roulette meets The Styleograph in Munich: Outfit-Post

Hey there my lovly Fashionistas,
you can’t believe how relieved I am it’s I’m DONE WITH STUDYING and all my exams (4 last week) are FINALLY OVER!! Gosh this feels so good I got my life back 😉
I swear now that I have holidays I’m gonna post a lot more frequently for you guys I always feel so bad not posting for two weeks but the past couple weeeks have just been insanly stressfull and full of exams, papers and boring stuff.
So last weekend I escaped for a couple of hours from my education and communication books and met with Christian alias „The Styleograph“ from Berlin to show him around Munich and take some Street-Style pictures.
„Unfortunatly“ there weren’t many stylish or intersting ppl in Munich so Christian had to shoot ME instead 😉 Haha na jk but he took some amazing pictures I think and I finally have some new Outfit Pictures to show you guys.

Tell me what you think!

Style-Roulette meets The Styleograph in Munich: Outfit-Post

Akademiestraße (Siegestor) München

Style-Roulette meets The Styleograph in Munich: Outfit-Post

Cafe Kranz, Glockenbachviertel

Style-Roulette meets The Styleograph in Munich: Outfit-Post

Ludwigstraße / LMU München

Style-Roulette meets The Styleograph in Munich: Outfit-Post
Style-Roulette meets The Styleograph in Munich: Outfit-Post

Schönfeldstraße / Platz

Style-Roulette meets The Styleograph in Munich: Outfit-Post

necklace: meinenamenskette / watch: Guess / Bracelets: H&M, NY / Rings: Paris, Peru, H&M

Style-Roulette meets The Styleograph in Munich: Outfit-Post

I FINALLY found this turquise nail polish from H&M they got it back in store I was honestly searching the entire internet for weeks for this colour 😉

Style-Roulette meets The Styleograph in Munich: Outfit-Post
Style-Roulette meets The Styleograph in Munich: Outfit-Post


dress: Desigual 
Loop-Scarf: Promod 
High Heels: Fashion Club (Munich) 
grey tights: Falke 
bag: H&M
watch: Guess Swiss Made
Meine Lieben Fashionistas,
endlich bin ich durch mit meinen ganzen Klausuren und Hausarbeiten und dem ganzen Lernstress!! Ihr glaubt gar nicht wie froh ich bin und wie sehr ich mich auf meinen Urlaub (Beirut / Libanon, Syrien, Jordanien) freue!! Ich brauch echt mal wieder Sonne also falls wer von euch schon mal in mittleren Osten war sagt Bescheid 🙂
Letzte Woche habe ich mich mal zwi Stunden vom Lernen befreit  und mich mit dem lieben Christian von „The Styleograph“ getroffen. Er hat ein paar super Bilder geschossen und ich war super froh mal vom Lernen wegzukommen und ihn etwas durch München zu führen. Im Endeffekt sind die oben gezeigten Bilder entstanden.
Was meint ihr?

  1. you look fantastic! jewellery is beautiful<3 asn your skirt is charming:)

  2. Hola!!!
    Gracias por tu comentario, veo que vives en alemania, pero hablas español, yo ahora estoy de erasmus en Stuttgart, estoy intentando aprender alemán pero es muy muy difícil!! Por cierto me encata el outfit!!!

  3. Hi, thanks for your comment on may blog. Love your blog and your photos.
    I‘ m following you

    kisses from turkey

  4. You look fantaaaaaaastic! Dein Outfit ist perfekt und du siehst sehr sehr gut aus! 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for a nice comment:)
    you’re beautiful and have very intresting style so I join followers:)

  6. Hey girl!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    AMAZING outfit!
    I’ll be following!


  7. SLF

    oh danke für deinen tollen kommentar! mir gefällt dein blog auch! schöne inspirationen :))

  8. Hi girl!!!!! Thanks for stopping at my blog, I don’t know yours and is fab!!!! You have a great sense of style lady 🙂

    I’m from Spain, and I’m your new follower.

    Happy week!

  9. i never thoutght that drees was from desigual! i think you wear it very well, because when i go to desigual all the dresses seames really casual!



    i follow you! i really like your style!

  10. Wow, this is an amazing outfit. Love the colors and the layers. You are beautiful. Hey, I have the same color nail polish.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and the super nice compliments!

  11. Love the dress and shoes! Great colours 🙂

  12. These images are amazing. So incred. Thanks for stopping by my site. Your blogs my new fave. I’m following. I hope you are too. Thanks love. xoxo

  13. very lovely photos! love your jewlery!!

    xx, Sabinna and David

  14. hahaha So, It´s better to you I talk in english or in portuguese! You choice! hahahhaa
    I do a cruise in brasil… Buzios, Rio de Janeiro…
    I LOVED your outfit, THE GREY shoes ARE AMAZINGGGG!
    You know how to put this acessories!!!
    Você é linda (Para testar seu portugues, hahaha)
    Beijos Do Brasil!!!

    Follow me:

  15. ams

    you look stunning! <3

  16. Hi,
    danke für deinen Kommentar! Ja, bin auch aus München 🙂

    Dein Blog gefällt mir auch, du hast einen tollen Stil!

    Viele Grüße,
    Conny aka Fashionvictress

  17. i really love the shoes and the dress.


  18. SC

    WAW!! Fierce! Love your blog!x

  19. You look sooooooooooamazing!!!!

  20. love these photos and thanks for the big compliment. I think Holland is a great country too. But germany is lovely as well.

  21. Salut Salut…eins steht fest… wenn du mal deinen Kleiderschrank ausmisten wirst…dann bin ich die erste die alles abnimmt 🙂

    Peace&Love Rosalie

  22. Love, love, love this outfit, you look so fabulous!! Everything on your hands is gorgeous including the nails!


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